Special Request Price List

If you have special requests, no worries. We want to accommodate you as much as possible. 

Here are a few available services offered:

Private Portal

  • Create a private portal - For you private needs or to share with your team. We will upload your images and provide a link that only those with the link can access and purchase. 
  • Link to your private portal $25
  • Each design added to the portal $25 with up to 25 products added. 
  • Create a customized landing page for your private portal $100

Customize designs

  • See a design that you would like on a different product? 
  • Want a design sized differently
  • Would you like to change the color of the product (not the design)
  • Prefer to customize a product with your name or domain name? 
  • $10 per product with up to 4 changes

Have a Design you'd like to submit to The Competitive Edge?

  • We pay $8 per accepted design, acknowledging you for the contribution