About Us

Helping You to Help Others

Let’s face it, most of us got into the CBD business for 2 reasons.

  1. To make money
  2. To help others

Then, once we made the leap, we realized ‘hey!’ we had to TALK to people! While some of us have no trouble talking about what we do and have no trouble picking up a phone, there are still those who REALLY want to succeed in this business, yet, they don’t promote themselves often enough. I was one of those people. I am not shy, and have been in sales my entire adult life (that a REALLY LONG TIME). And STILL, I still found that I didn’t ‘feel’ like sharing about what I do as often as I could /should have. That’s when it hit me... I’m going to have to become a walking billboard for my business because let’s face it...


THEN, As I began designing for my own needs something hit me AGAIN (I’m still recovering from all these hits) Hey, I bet a few other people would love to make life easier by wearing and displaying their CBD Business, because, let’s face it... We can’t be someone’s shining star if they haven’t met us!

So, The Competitive Edge Shop was born!

I created designs that are fun, colorful, trendy and relatable so that the work kind of gets done for you just by just wearing or displaying. I hope you enjoy them and please come back to find new and exciting products often. If you sign up for our Edge Rewards you’ll earn free stuff and we can contact you with updates.


Consider this a community for those committed to making a difference. I’ll do my best to provide great stuff ... AND I’d love your feedback so I know how I’m doing. OK?

Here’s to your CBD health and success!