Customize Your CBD Distributor Dresses

Customize this product here - Would you like to customize your dress? We will do it for FREE! All you have to do is LIKE our Facebook Group and post your request in this thread. We will create your dress and post it for you and others to see.

Here are the options:

  1. Choose a different design. You can have almost any design in our store. Just send us the image (many designs have several variations)  
  2. Choose Front, Back OR BOTH! Let us know which image you want where. 
  3. Left Sleeve, Right Sleeve Image? - We can put CBD Distributor or Official CBD Distributor on your sleeve. Just let us know which version of the design and which sleeve. 
  4. Change the color of the dress. YES, we and do that! Just send us a color code or a sample of the color and we'd be happy to do it for you!

So, go over and post your request. We will then post a sample of it as a reply to your post for you to purchase. (no obligation of course) 

Have your own design? Contact us about adding it to our collection or creating your own private collection here at The Competitive Edge.