OBJECTION HANDLING TECHNIQUES - Mastering your response to a NO

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What do you do when you share about your business with someone and they say NO? Since most of us don’t want to be salespeople, we just want to SHARE about our business, this could be a challenge.

What if I told you that what you say and how you say it can make or break your entire business?

I know this to be true because I was a Realtor for 25 years. I failed miserably for the first 2 or 3 of those years even though I was marketing and learning my trade. I just wasn’t closing. Then one day I was introduced to the idea of OBJECTION HANDLING TECHNIQUES and when I learned them, they changed my life and my pocketbook. I soared from making barely enough to get by all the way to being in the top 6% of my company IN THE WORLD! I owe most of my success to those techniques, and they eventually helped me with confidence enough to grow to the top.


This is the first of a multi-part series about Objections Handling Techniques (OHT) I’m hoping you will participate by sharing your objections below so that we can provide a few responses for you. 


For today, we are going to discuss a few important things to know about OHT’s

  1. There are a FINITE number of objections you will get - (that alone changed my life, because feeling like I would never know everything was overwhelming) There could be 5 or 50 objections, but there is an end.
  2. Have more than one response to an objection – You may feel one response is better for one person and another for someone else. Having a few would be best
  3. Keep a list - Save your objections and your responses in a place where you can study them. This way when someone gives you a reason for a NO, you will have it on the tip of your tongue
  4. Practice with a friend – Role play your responses. If you don’t want to do it with someone, do it in front of a mirror or better yet in a video. Delete the video afterwards if you’d like.
  5. It doesn’t always work – Surprised? Well, guess what? What if it works 80% of the time or 50%, or even 25%? Would that be worth spending time mastering them? Imagine how that would increase your income. 
  6. Having a response to a NO does not mean you're being pushy – There’s an art to your response and how you say it. Speaking in a comfortable and not salesy way will only make you look like a pro instead of someone who appears insecure or uninformed.
  7. Do NOT feel rejected - Most people are a NO. People are being sold ALL DAY LONG. They’ve mastered the art of saying NO! However, they need a good reason to say yes. Once you master your techniques, you will build a relationship not a wall. If you’ve ever seen someone is action who continues to have the ‘right’ conversation with someone even after they say no and you watch a friendship or trust unfold, that’s what we are aiming for.
  8. Expect a NO! - This is not meant to be negative. It's actually a game you can play with yourself. Once you start out expecting a NO you won't be disappointed, you will shift into prepared mode and have your tools. 
  9. Teach your team these techniques – As we begin to share the actual words to say with real objections, make sure you share this with your team. Save this article and make it a part of your training. This one or something like it. When people don’t know how to respond, they fear the NO. Once they master their response, they diffuse the NO. Make sense?

OK, so here is where you come in. In the comments below, add some of your most challenging objections. If anyone wants to chime in with their own OHT's, you are most welcome. If not, I will get to them one by one so look for part II of OBJECTION HANDLING TECHNIQUES – Mastering Your Response to NO

To Your Infinite Success!

Fran Asaro

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  • For Jim. There’s a fine line between being compassionate to other peoples financial limitations and taking a stand for their well-being. If you know this person could really benefit from CBD then you may want to ask them, If I could show you how you can afford your CBD each month or better yet, get it for FREE, would you be interested? If they say no, then the price was never the real issue. If they say yes, then spend some time breaking it down to the ridiculous. First thing would be $2 per day to pay for a bottle – what could they put aside for a while so that they can tend to thier health? Buying lunch, coffee, cutting something out like one movie channel or eating out one less time per month. Then you can tell them if they find a few people who can also use CBD, and they order, then they can realistically receive their product for free. Work the numbers with them on paper. Let them see how easy it is. Make sure you let them know that you care about them and want to help. If they really want help, they will appreciate this very much.

    Fran Asaro on
  • For Carmen and Melody. Not everyone wants to become a business builder. That doesn’t mean they can’t try CBD for themselves. When they fall in love with the product, you may want to ask them to consider referring people to YOU and you will make sure they receive a referral fee for it. Not everyone wants to hear it’s a business. I have an 83-year-old woman who had me place her order for a few months. It was my pleasure. Now she orders on her own. I also have people who tell me they know someone who wants to purchase and can I handle it for them. I place the new person under them so they can receive a commission. If you are a team leader you never know who will join your team so think of everyone as a potential business builder but not everyone wants to think of themselves as one.

    Fran Asaro on
  • For Patricia, It’s WONDERFUL that you are getting likes. Many likes ‘mean’ something. Not everyone will approach you. They may be leery, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested. Try this. Private message every ‘like’ that you get with a gentle message. Don’t make them sorry that they ‘liked’ your page by bombarding them. This may work some of the time, but it could work enough to get you a few new customers. Here’s what you can say… Hi _____ thank you for the like about my CBD post. Were you thinking of trying CBD for yourself? If they say no, then thank them. If they say yes, then that’s an opportunity to initiate a call or an offer for them to look at your site. (A call is always better)

    Fran Asaro on
  • For Steve. This is a great area to show up as an expert. Ask them ‘if I can show you a third party endorsement or a scientific report supporting the use of CBD, would you try it? Then, If you can, share a screen with them, phone or computer. (don’t leave this for them to do alone) Ask them to give you any symptom and google it with CBD. Then, ask them whose opinion they would trust? A particular Dr, Harvard, a report or a person. Then google that person or firm with CBD … be with them when they see the results. Then ask them what results they would like to see from the use of CBD and ask them to place an order with no risk.

    Fran Asaro on
  • To Rudy, yes, by now we all have friends who sell CBD. When I was a Realtor, everyone had a friend who sold real estate. So, the conversation can look more like an inquiry rather than trying to pull them away from their friends. Here’ just one way. ‘Are you buying from them just because they are your friend or are you happy with the product? Does your friend have over 80 CBD products for you to use for pets, beauty and hair growth? If not, can I show you our product line just in case we carry something of interest?’ You can still buy your product from your friend. Then, eventually, you may want to inquire about quality, price, and GMP. But don’t put that as your first foot forward.

    Fran Asaro on

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